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  • Joe joins in on a game of bingo with seniors at the Somerville Council on Aging.

  • Joe welcomes Somerville's newest citizens to its community as part of the Greater Boston Citzenship Initiative.

  • Joe enjoys Somerville's Annual Memorial Day Parade.

  • Joe chats with local residents at Bloc 11 Cafe, one of the many thriving restaurants and cafes throughout Somerville's bustling local business squares.


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  • An Investment In Public Transportation Is An Investment In The Future

    According to legislative leaders, the short and controversial life of the “tech tax” — the state’s proposed levy on software services — willsoon come to an end. After a full-throttle revolt from the innovation sector, all parties — including the governor — agree the existence of such a tax would weaken the power of Massachusetts as a magnet for entrepreneurs and innovators.

  • The New East Somerville Community School is Open for Business

    A large phoenix is painted on the floor of the new East Somerville Community School's gymnasium—now the largest gym in the city.

    It's an appropriate image for a school that was destroyed by fire in December of 2007 and was completely rebuilt.

    A grand opening ceremony, held Tuesday, officially commemorated the school's rebirth.

    "Tonight we celebrate the reunification of a community," said Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone. Teachers, students, families and staff at the school spent the last six years split up at other school buildings throughout the city.

  • City Embarks on Journey to Improve Accessibility

    The city of Somerville is undertaking an effort to improve access to buildings, streets, sidewalks and ramps for people with disabilities.

    It's an effort that could take years, and millions of dollars, to complete, but it begins, in part, with a public meeting Wednesday where residents can discuss their priorities, concerns and ideas about accessibility in Somerville.

  • Curtatone Talks Casinos and Political Future on NECN

    Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone continued to speak out against casinos during an interview on NECN's "Broadside" with Jim Braude.

    "I've been opposed to casinos because casinos and gambling don't build communities," Curtatone said during the interview.

    The mayor has spoken forcefully against a proposed casino in Everett that would be built on Somerville's doorstep, just across the Mystic River from the new Assembly Row development. He's also proposed a ballot initiative to reverse the state's 2011 gambling law that allows casinos in Massachusetts.